About us

“Understanding today what is needed in the future and building the bridge together for a successful future.”

Our mission: to provide orientation and perspectives in uncertain times.

We see change as a natural process. Knowledge generates understanding for change processes, it reduces fears and opens up solutions. With this principle we support our clients in recognizing bottlenecks and perspectives at an early stage.

We believe that people will continue to play an important role in the digital world of tomorrow. New perspectives and broadening horizons – by and for people – are always at the heart of our work.

With our know-how, we link theory and practice. Scientifically based expert knowledge on future topics, combined with more than 25 years of professional experience on the industry, agency as well as trade side, is what sets us apart.

Our way of working: Analysis, impulses and perspectives.

These three areas form the basic framework of our working method. Depending on the needs of our customers, we start at individual starting points. In this way, we guarantee efficient and customized consulting and task solutions.  


The status quo is the starting point of any change. In the context of the task at hand, we focus on an efficient target-oriented stocktaking, using proven analysis tools. One of our strengths is our ability to quickly familiarize ourselves with complex issues and structures. Thanks to the close cooperation with our partners, we are able to draw on industry-specific data as required.


Creating knowledge transfer and providing new impulses - this is particularly important to us when working with our clients. They benefit from our many years of experience in various industries, such as the sports & fashion and health & beauty worlds. In addition, through the regular exchange with our cooperation partners, we have the latest knowledge about future topics. Because sustainability is very important to THE NEW, we pay special attention to this aspect in our impulses.


In all our activities we follow the "look ahead" principle. Depending on the task at hand, we work with our clients to identify and develop concrete scenarios and perspectives in connection with the challenges of our time. In doing so, we see future-relevant target groups and stakeholders as an important success factor. They are firmly anchored in our way of thinking and working.

Our team

We love variety and innovation! Our authentic and multifaceted team not only enriches THE NEW, but is also noticeable in the trusting cooperation with our business partners. Furthermore, we don’t just see “New Work” as a buzzword, but live it every day. As a fluid team, the spatial separation between Frankfurt, Rottweil and THE NEW headquarters in Stuttgart is no obstacle for us. On the contrary: together we continuously test analog as well as digital working techniques, which are also used by our customers.    


Managing Director THE NEW
Expert for sustainability, megatrends and future-relevant lifestyles

Mirja Eckert can advise, develop, lead and implement. Her specialty is linking theory with practice. Thus, the founder of THE NEW takes on both strategic and operational roles when working with companies. With a degree in business administration, she draws on a wealth of knowledge from over 25 years of professional experience in industry, commerce and agencies. She also offers scientifically sound expert knowledge on a wide range of future topics, which she draws from her master’s degree in trend and sustainability management as well as her activities as a speaker at the Institute for Trend and Future Research in Heidelberg. Not only professionally, but also privately, Mirja Eckert is intensively engaged with a sustainable lifestyle and is always on the lookout for new, innovative solutions.

Junior Project Manager
Multimedia expert

Florian is a new member of our team and will introduce himself to you shortly “with more text”.


Assistant Communication
Expert in public relations and cross-media editing

Whether classic press work, content marketing, editing or conception – Merle Flachsbarth is our specialist when it comes to communication. With her creativity and cross-media text expertise, she gets to the heart of even complex issues in a way that is specific to the target group. A trained editor, she has already gained professional experience in radio, in communications agencies and on the corporate side. During her studies at the Stuttgart Media University, she discovered her passion for megatrends and generational research. Since founding THE NEW, she has brought fresh impulses to the team from the perspective of her Generation Z. Regular yoga sessions and hikes in the countryside are essential for her work-life balance.

Cooperation and network partners

Thanks to our cooperation and network partners, we are able to offer a customized service portfolio within a wide range of industries and across the entire value chain. In addition to the “extended workbench” through our partners from different areas of competence, we use the cooperation for us as a knowledge platform and horizon broadening. We network our competencies from THE NEW with the expertise of various specialists. Together we tackle the challenges of our clients, answer their questions and, if necessary, create new products or services for them.

This is what our long-term cooperation and network partners say about their collaboration with THE NEW:

"THE NEW succeeds in perfectly contextualizing scientifically based findings from futurology with the concerns of the corporate world."
Founder and owner of the institute for trend- and future research Heidelberg
"What I appreciate about working with THE NEW is not only the exchange of facts and figures, but also current trends and social developments."
Senior Manager | GfK Consumer Panels & Services
"As an agency for branding experiences, we have to know the lifeworlds of our target groups very well. The regular exchange with THE NEW about lifestyles and future topics such as sustainability and digitalization enriches our consulting expertise."
"With Mirja Eckert, I was able to win a successor for the classification concept for the cosmetics market who not only continues this market research approach for the natural cosmetics market but also expands it through her expertise. Within a short time, she has become an industry expert whom I would not want to do without as a sparring partner. Her impulses for the natural cosmetics industry and beyond are forward-looking."
Owner Naturkosmetik Konzepte

Are you interested in expanding THE NEW’s network with your expertise? Excellent! Feel free to contact us at: welcome@thenew.online